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Fat Grafting Breast Enhancement

The procedure of fat grafting breast enhancement involves two methods. These are known as harvesting and injecting.

The fat cells are first accumulated by liposuction and then are readied for transplantation. During the readying process, the medical fluids, anesthetics, and the lipids are removed from the harvest. This is done to ensure that only healthy and pure fat cells are transferred and guarantees better result.

Injection: The next step is to carefully inject the fat cells either into the gap between the breast capsule and the skin or between the breast and chest wall. The technique involved during the injection helps the surgeons give the desired shape to the breasts. From the medical point of view, inserting the fat cells in these areas helps in monitoring and evading problems that may crop up because of injection of fat cells in the breast tissues.

Drawback: As the surface of the injected area is limited in size, fat grafting breast enhancement technique is able to provide only a moderate enhanced size to the breasts.

Concerns of this breast enhancement technique

An uneasiness of the surgeons who carry out this breast enhancement procedure is in deciding how much fat is to be injected. But it is agreed that more fat cells should be injected to make up for any dead fat cells that may transpire. Another factor that will determine the shape of the breast after the procedure is the loss or gain of weight. Therefore, women who opted for fat grafting breast enhancement technique may get more or less that what they wanted, if they don't watch their weight. Another downside of this procedure is that the fat cells do not live for a very long period. This will generally result in loss of volume and development of lumps.

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